I want people to know the true taste of scallops

Mutsu Bay, located in Aomori City, Aomori Prefecture, is surrounded by the Tsugaru Peninsula and the Shimokita Peninsula and is protected from the open sea. In addition, since nutrients rich in minerals flow in from the Hakkoda mountain range, the sea is rich in plankton and ideal for scallops to live in. The bounties of nature in Aomori Prefecture become the fruits of the sea and mountains, giving life to people. We at YAMAJIN are particular about the deliciousness that comes from nature's bounty and freshness, and after more than 20 years, we have finally achieved that dream.

Don't miss the season of deliciousness

Scallops from Mutsu Bay in Aomori Prefecture are characterized by their softness and sweetness. We harvest the fish during the season when its sweetness stands out. "Material strength'' is YAMAJIN's appeal.

Contains the freshness of the taste without sacrificing it

YAMAJIN has a special feeling for "freshness". Scallops begin to lose their freshness as soon as they are caught. In order to preserve the deliciousness until it is delivered to the customer, we do not waste even a second in every process. Scallops that have grown vigorously in the mother ocean that nurtured them lose their deliciousness when they come in contact with fresh water. At YAMAJIN, we use sterilized seawater to process all scallops. This "sterilized seawater'' becomes the best seasoning and creates a deep flavor.

For safe and secure consumption

We carry out thorough quality control without compromising on the obvious. Creating products that give customers peace of mind. This is YAMAJIN's particular quality control.

Carefully processed by "human hands"

There are 100 different sizes, colors, and textures of scallops produced by nature. After all, it is the "human hands'' that bring these products to the dining table as acceptable products. Hand-crafted processing creates delicious products.